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Wood floor restoration Bristol – renovation of wooden floors in Bristol / Cardiff / Bath and their surroundings

Our company have been established as a result of the passion we have always had in natural wooden floors and their maintenance – including installation, sanding, fitting, renovation and refurbishment. We can offer you professional and comprehensive wood floor restoration of all natural floors in domestic and commercial places.


Fully comprehensive restoration of hardwood floors


What we do:

We possess the knowledge, skills and sufficient experience to offer you all the following:

  • restoration of water damaged wooden floors,
  • restoration of fire damaged floors,
  • refurbishing and sourcing of old wooden floors,
  • refinishing of softwood and hardwood panels / mosaics / parquet blocks,
  • removal of all scratches,
  • filling the holes and all other uneven surfaces,
  • professional customer service,
  • regular floor maintenance if required,
  • and many others


Why choose us:

We encapsulate the best client service you can imagine and find. We can restore all kinds of wooden floor surfaces back to their previous state so that they are shiny clean and add something unique to the interior.

Avon Hardwood flooring company restore wooden floors using their long-lasting experience, knowledge and best as well latest techniques. We can improve the shades, colours and the overall outlook of each type of a wooden panel, parquet block, mosaic, or any remaining wooden products for floors.

Our company always make their best to refinish the floor completely so that both the visual and material aspects are improved. As for the colours, we can help you to bring back the grains to their previous beauty. At the same time, we prolong the lifetime of your floor using the best agents that are wood-friendly and provide no harm for any type of timber.


Your wooden floor is in best possible hands
Excellent quality service / only best materials used

We work hard to deliver you the best wood flooring specialists and experts in renovation we can offer. All our renovation specialists are appropriately experienced, possess all the necessary practices and certificates that guarantee their extreme professionalism and willingness to give their best in each wooden floor renovation project.


How we work:

Before turning to the actual wood floor renovation we first prepare the best timber we can offer – the timber that will match perfectly the one we are to supposed to renovate. Using our professional and latest Bona and Bosch floor sanding machines and our wide range of adhesives we thoroughly sand the wooden floor so that it has no scratches or any uneven surfaces. All the holes are then filled by excellent quality lacquers and oils to make the surface even. The final touches include polishing and waxing so that the floor will shine for a long time and will be properly protected from any harmful weather conditions or any other accidents.


For whom we provide our services:

  • flats
  • houses
  • mansions
  • restaurants
  • sports floors
  • pubs
  • hotels
  • museums
  • chapels
  • churches
  • shops
  • and all other places


Our wood floor restoration Bristol company encapsulates professionalism, experience, skills, the use of the most technically advanced devices and machinery as well as the most reliable restoration specialists and engineers that will do the sanding, refinishing, restoration, installation, oiling, staining, gap filling, loose board repairs, lacquering, cleaning works and many other services which will reveal the hidden beauty of your neglected wood flooring. We provide our works for Bristol, Cardiff, Bath and their nearest surroundings.

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